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The Other Zoey Review: Love, Laughter, Lessons

The Other Zoey Review:

In the world of romantic comedies, finding a novel and creative perspective can often seem like an elusive quest. “The Other Zoey,” directed by Sara Zandieh, featuring Josephine Langford, Drew Starkey, and Archie Renaux in key roles, steps into this well-trodden territory with an original concept that promises to deliver smiles and touching moments. But does it succeed in breaking the mold?

A Template Rom-Com with High Hopes

At the core of “The Other Zoey” is Josephine Langford’s Zoey, a computer science major who staunchly denounces romantic love as a capitalist gimmick in favor of compatibility-fueled coupling. Initially, the film seems to mock the very idea of love, only to embrace it later, making it a seemingly typical romantic comedy. But does it manage to rise above the clichés that populate the genre?

A Tale of Transformation

Zoey’s transformation from a cynical coding nerd to a reluctant participant in a romantic charade opens the door to questions of compatibility and the spontaneity of love. While the film’s premise holds great potential, it sometimes falls short in its execution, leaving viewers questioning the depth of Zoey’s journey and the film’s ability to challenge the status quo of romantic comedies.

The Other Zoey Review: Journey from Mockery to Embrace

Zoey, the coding nerd, embarks on a journey that challenges her initial beliefs, suggesting that love doesn’t rely solely on compatibility but is also about fun camaraderie. The film’s premise carries a wealth of potential, yet it struggles to capitalize on it. Does it manage to bring depth to Zoey’s transformation from skepticism to acceptance of love’s unpredictability?

Lackluster Performances and a Lazy Love Triangle

“The Other Zoey” introduces us to a love triangle that feels uninspired and dull, a disappointment considering the plethora of “romances” in the streaming world. Is this film’s representation of love and relationships truly as lackluster as it appears?

A Clash of Identities and Mixed Emotions

Zoey’s life takes a surprising turn when she crosses paths with her college’s soccer star, Zach, leading to a case of mistaken identity and a complex web of relationships. As she pretends to be “The Other Zoey” on a skiing trip with Zach’s family, will she discover the real essence of love and compatibility?

A Familiar Cast of Characters

“The Other Zoey” doesn’t shy away from employing common romantic comedy tropes, including a quirky, supportive best friend, a handsome boyfriend, protective siblings, caring parents, and a divorced single mother. Does the film’s reliance on these well-worn character types detract from its potential originality?

A Brief Escape from Convention

One of the film’s saving graces is its concise runtime, clocking in at just 90 minutes. This brevity provides a silver lining, ensuring that even in the face of predictability, the audience won’t be in for an overly prolonged viewing experience. But does this brevity overshadow its shortcomings?

An Ambiguous Verdict

“The Other Zoey” may not reinvent the romantic comedy genre, but it offers a lighthearted and at times inoffensive cinematic experience. In a landscape flooded with formulaic romantic comedies, does it manage to stand out, even if only for its runtime and moments of levity?


“The Other Zoey” takes a shot at exploring love, compatibility, and the unexpected twists of romance within the framework of a romantic comedy. While it doesn’t completely break free from the genre’s conventions, it still provides an engaging and occasionally heartwarming viewing experience. Whether it succeeds in delivering a unique take on these timeless themes is a matter of perspective. But if you’re in the mood for a charming, albeit predictable, romantic comedy with a touch of sharp humor, “The Other Zoey” might just be your cup of tea.

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