Quiz Lady Review: Sandra Oh Shines in Hilarious Comedy

Quiz Lady Review: Sandra Oh Shines in Hilarious Comedy

Quiz Lady Review Prepare to see Sandra Oh as you’ve never seen her before. In ” Quiz Lady ,” the Killing Eve star breaks free from her usual sophisticated and sexy roles to embrace a whole new level of flamboyance. Almost every scene in the film sees her dressed as if she’s ready for a girls’ night out to see the Barbie movie. Her long dark hair is streaked with vibrant violet highlights, and she dons outfits that scream vibrant pinks and sparkly jewelry – a wardrobe that some might describe as “childish” in its exuberant girliness, while others might celebrate it as “dopamine dressing.” Whatever your take, it’s an invitation for Oh to cut loose, and she seizes it with unbridled enthusiasm.

A Role Reversal: Oh and Awkwafina

In contrast, the role of witty but frazzled falls to Awkwafina, who typically plays the leading lady. “Quiz Lady” is an opportunity for Oh to revel in the wild card of a family comedy filled with silly hijinks, sensitive gangsters, sisterly squabbles, and the warm-hearted interpretation of Alex Trebek, portrayed by Will Ferrell.

Hilarious and Heartfelt: The Essence of “Quiz Lady”

“Quiz Lady” is a star-studded and solidly fun comedy that finds its perfect home on Hulu. Directed by Jessica Yu, the film delves into the tumultuous relationship between Asian-American sisters Anne (Awkwafina) and Jenny (Oh). Raised in a broken home marked by divorce, gambling debts, and their mother’s various personal dramas, the sisters grew apart as they coped with their chaotic upbringing. Younger sister Anne sought solace in her favorite trivia show, “Can’t Stop the Quiz,” and caring for her pet pug, Mr. Linguini. In contrast, Jenny chased her dreams, engaged in screaming matches with their mom, and sporadically looked out for her younger sibling.

Quiz Lady Review: Sisterhood, Estrangement, and Reunion

Years later, their mother’s sudden disappearance brings the sisters back together. Their mother hasn’t passed away; instead, she’s fled due to a massive gambling debt to a menacing bookie. This bookie dognaps Mr. Linguini, demanding ransom from the sisters. In an attempt to save their dog, Jenny, who believes she could be a life coach, devises a plan for Anne to compete on the quiz show and win big. That is, if Anne can outshine the cocky contestant, portrayed by Jason Schwartzman.

Sandra Oh’s Captivating Performance

Sandra Oh delivers an exhilarating performance in “Quiz Lady.” From the moment she steps onscreen, Oh’s Jenny is a burst of energy and audacious fashion. Her outfits reflect Jenny’s attention-seeking nature, and there’s a delightful freedom in watching her chase her dreams, no matter how outlandish they may be. Jenny’s character offers a unique, chaotic perspective on life that resonates with anyone who longs for a break from the mundane. Awkwafina’s Anne may consider her sister a hot mess, but Jenny’s wild child spirit adds a breath of fresh air to a world filled with bland conformity.

Awkwafina’s Struggles and Bright Moments

In contrast, Awkwafina, often known for her zany sidekick roles, struggles to stand out in her role as Anne, the film’s central protagonist. Her attempt at cackle-worthy physical comedy occasionally falls flat, and she appears uncertain about striking the right balance between goofy and grounded. However, her performance shines in scenes where an under-the-influence Anne experiences a series of ridiculous hallucinations. Awkwafina’s big goofy smile, loose limbs, and volatile emotional state bring out the comedic potential in these moments.

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An Eclectic Supporting Cast

“Quiz Lady” is a film that blends humor with heart, showcasing the dynamism of Sandra Oh’s performance while offering a refreshing change from Awkwafina’s usual roles. The film’s eclectic supporting cast, including Tony Hale, Jon Park, Holland Taylor, and Will Ferrell, adds depth to the story, creating memorable characters that enhance the comedy.


  • Sandra Oh
  • Awkwafina
  • Will Ferrell
  • Holland Taylor
  • Jason Schwartzman
  • Dumbfoundead
  • Tony Hale
  • Matt Cordova
  • Joe Chrest
  • Angela Trimbur
  • Charlie Talbert
  • Summer Selby
  • Camrus Johnson
  • Amy Tolsky
  • Blake Rosier
  • Ammie Leonards
  • Chad Governale
  • Alan Heitz
  • Nicole Marie Appleby
  • Charles Green

Conclusion: A Delightful Comedy of Sisterhood

In conclusion, “Quiz Lady” is a delightful comedy that introduces a new side of Sandra Oh and provides moments of hilarity and heartfelt sisterly bonds. While Awkwafina’s performance may have its ups and downs, the film’s overall energy and charm make it a worthy addition to the genre. The juxtaposition of wild-child Jenny and reserved Anne creates a dynamic that keeps audiences engaged throughout the film.

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