Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga Kapoor and renowned chef Vikas Khanna are involved in the animation "American Sikh" (EXCLUSIVE) - Global Bulletin

Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga Kapoor and renowned chef Vikas Khanna are involved in the animation “American Sikh” (EXCLUSIVE) – Global Bulletin

Oscar-winning producer Guneet Monga Kapoor (“The Elephant Whisperers”) and Michelin-starred chef-turned-filmmaker Vikas Khanna (“The Last Colour”) have teamed up as executive producers for the Oscar-qualifying animated short “American Sikh,” set in the vibrant world where filmmaking and cuisine mix.

The true story of American-born Sikh Vishavjit Singh, whose life symbolises tenacity, inventiveness, and a turbaned superhero character, forms the beating centre of the novel. After overcoming a lifetime of discrimination and violence, the multitalented Singh—a writer, illustrator, performance artist, and the creative force behind Sikhtoons.com—found acceptance in the persona of a turbaned Captain America. Singh’s heroic alter ego opposes prejudice and questions popular conceptions of what it means to be an American, especially in the wake of 9/11.

The video, which was produced and directed by Singh along with Ryan Westra, the director of the live-action short “Red, White, and Beard,” is brought to life by Studio Showoff’s masterful animation. Founded by Ivan Dixon and Sean Zwan, this Melbourne-based production company has worked with Cartoon Network, HBO, and Childish Gambino among others.

With awards like Best Short Animation from the Sidewalk Film Festival in Alabama and Best Animation from the San Diego International Film Festival, “American Sikh” has already proven its mettle. The film’s captivating story, which tackles themes of acceptance and prejudice, strikes a chord with viewers, as seen by its recognition at numerous film festivals across the country.

While we wait to see “American Sikh,” attention is turned to the next anthology picture, “Good Goodbye.” Produced by MM2 Entertainment, a Singaporean company, the movie explores a series of interwoven narratives about dying, death, and palliative care. With themes of bravery, family harmony, and overcoming self-imposed boundaries, “Good Goodbye” looks to be a cinematic trip that touches on the most fundamental aspects of life. The picture, which will be released in 2024, stars an outstanding cast under the direction of Daniel Yam, an award-winning filmmaker.

Mike Chuthakieo has joined 88rising, the innovative firm that amplifies Asian talent and culture in the music and media industries, as its first Chief Revenue Officer. Chuthakieo will lead the company’s global brand relationship plans under the direct supervision of CEO and founder Sean Miyashiro. This calculated action comes after an exciting 2023 for 88rising, which saw the launch of its popular Head In The Clouds Music and Arts Festival for the seventh time. The event was so successful that it also made successful trips to Guangzhou, China; it also reached New York City and Jakarta, Indonesia.

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The musicians of 88rising have achieved incredible success with their musical endeavours. Jackson Wang’s “Magic Man” shot to #15 on the Billboard charts, demonstrating the international appeal of Chinese musicians. Joji’s “Glimpse of Us” and his album “Smithereens” created ripples on the Billboard charts. Niki’s concerts drew full houses in North America and Asia.

Within the dynamic realm of entertainment, these narratives vividly depict ingenuity, tenacity, and international acclaim. While we anxiously anticipate the events of “American Sikh” and the moving stories in “Good Goodbye,” 88rising’s rise and the accomplishments of its creators point to a bright future for compelling and varied storytelling. Cheers to the beats that transcend boundaries and the magic that transpires on film! 🎴🌏🍶


In a world where narratives connect disparate experiences, “American Sikh” shines as a testament to overcoming hardship. The voyage of Vishavjit Singh, which was captured on film, serves as evidence of the ability of imagination to challenge preconceptions. With much anticipation for the effect of this animation masterpiece, “Good Goodbye” is coming soon, and it promises to delve deeper into the complexities of life, death, and chasing aspirations.

Concurrently, a cultural revolution is reflected in 88rising’s explosive ascent in the music and media industries, which has been characterised by international triumphs and the hiring of Mike Chuthakieo. Collectively, these stories create a fabric of resiliency, acceptance, and universal acknowledgment. The scene is set for a future in which variety is celebrated and stories cross boundaries. 🌖🌍🎥 To the dreamers, storytellers, and trailblazers creating a world where each narrative has a proper place in the vast fabric of human experience.

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