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Ganapath Review: Missed Dystopian Potential

Ganapath Review:

In the ever-evolving landscape of cinema, certain themes have endured the test of time. One such recurring motif is the archetypal hero, coming to the rescue of the common people in the face of adversity. We’ve seen this narrative unfold in various forms, from ‘KGF’ to ‘Shamshera’ and even in international films. In ‘Ganapath – A Hero is Born,’ starring Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon, this timeless idea finds itself reborn in a dystopian world.

A Dystopian Vision

In this dystopian setting, the sky is painted with drones, and a divisive wall separates ‘Silver City’ from ‘Gareebon ki Basti.’ Technology has reached staggering heights, yet people are still grappling with food shortages and crisis. The familiar tale of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer unfolds against this backdrop. The hope of the ‘Gareebs’ rests on a prophecy by an elder (Amitabh Bachchan), who foretells the arrival of a savior, Ganapath, who will liberate them from the oppression of the ‘Ameers.’ However, he cautions them, “Don’t fight until Ganapath comes.”

Ganapath Review: Meet Guddu, the Unlikely Hero

In this world, Guddu (Tiger Shroff) emerges as the hero, though he is initially oblivious to his destiny. Guddu is introduced as a playboy, living a life of excess and surrounded by women. He embodies the cliche of the carefree, cocky young man. But as the story unfolds, Guddu transforms into Ganapath, the champion of the underprivileged. He discovers love in Jassie (Kriti Sanon), a martial arts expert capable of taking on groups of formidable foes. Together, they embark on a mission to protect their people from the exploitation and brutality inflicted by the powerful, controlled by an enigmatic figure, Dalini.

A Hero’s Journey: Expectations vs. Reality

The hero’s journey, a trope that has captivated audiences for generations, often hinges on the portrayal of the lead character as legendary and larger-than-life. ‘Ganapath,’ however, falls short in delivering the heroism viewers expect. The adrenaline rush that should accompany the hero’s transformation is conspicuously absent. The film’s shortcomings are exacerbated by subpar visual effects that mar certain scenes. In an era where films like ‘Jawan,’ ‘Pathaan,’ and ‘KGF’ have set the bar high for post-production quality, ‘Ganapath’ struggles to meet expectations.

Caricatures and Lackluster Performances

One of the film’s fundamental drawbacks is its portrayal of characters as caricatures rather than fully developed individuals. Tiger Shroff, known for his prowess in action sequences, falls short in evoking an emotional connection as Guddu/Ganapath. Kriti Sanon’s talents are underutilized, as she is confined to limited roles in the film. Even her action sequences, where she excels, are hindered by uninspiring cinematography.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Saving Grace

The silver lining in ‘Ganapath’ is Amitabh Bachchan, who lends his distinctive voice and makes a cameo appearance. His contribution is a standout performance in an otherwise lackluster film. The background score, however, feels derivative, and the songs are forgettable. It’s worth noting that Tiger Shroff’s impressive dance moves shine throughout the movie, though they sometimes feel like the primary focus of the film.

Issues of the Film

The romantic arc between Ganapath and Jassie falls flat, lacking depth and emotional resonance. The film’s antagonist appears more comical than menacing, leaving little room for redemption in the narrative. The movie is riddled with bizarre moments, from language shifts to inexplicable character actions, which disrupt the storytelling.

Disappointment in the Second Half

Despite the hopes of the audience, ‘Ganapath’ offers no respite in its second half. The star cast, particularly Kriti Sanon, deserved a better platform to showcase their talents. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t live up to their potential.

A Missed Opportunity

In essence, ‘Ganapath’ is a missed opportunity. The film falls into the trap of portraying its vision beautifully in post-production but ultimately fails to deliver. The predictable storyline, subpar visual effects, and caricatured characters contribute to its downfall. While Tiger Shroff’s action and dance sequences may be commendable, the audience’s expectations have evolved, and ‘Ganapath’ falls short of delivering a compelling narrative.

Final Verdict

In the end, ‘Ganapath’ can be divided into two parts: one resembles a video game, while the other attempts to depict a more realistic video game. The challenge lies in stitching these two elements together seamlessly, a feat the film struggles to achieve.

The film could have been more, but it ultimately falls short of the mark. With talented actors and a promising premise, ‘Ganapath’ is a reminder that even the most celebrated heroes need a strong narrative and execution to truly shine.


In a world inundated with superhero stories, ‘Ganapath’ fails to carve out a unique identity. While it attempts to embrace the dystopian genre, it does so predictably and without the finesse required to make it memorable. As the dust settles on this cinematic endeavor, it leaves us yearning for a hero who could truly save the day.

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