Fashion in 80s and 90s

Fashion in 80s and 90s

Fashion in 80s and 90s

The fashion trends in the 80s and 90s were known to be colorful, creative and usually a little wacky. However, no matter how good, bad and ugly, they keep coming back. There are five iconic items of clothing widely remembered from the 80s and 90s, set to return in 2018. Although they are now in fashion and in trend, they may be items that would have been better left behind.

alt="fashion in 80s and 90s"Baggy Jumpers

Picture a sweater that is about two sizes and you are now in the baggy jumper area. Worn by men and women alike, this 80s men’s fashion trend typically features loud colors and patterns, like the ones you only see nowadays at retro-themed costume parties or ugly sweater contests. In all types of 80s clothing, men may fear it at best, if only because it is too bad. It haunts the pages of an almost literally old book.

alt="fashion in 80s and 90s"Hawaiian Shirts and Moustaches

Ever show “Magnum, P. I.” Set in Hawaii, its starred Tom Selleck as the title character, a private investigator who solved crimes by not drinking cold beers, taking women, or working on his body. Where are we going with this, you ask? Selleck’s thick mustache and iconic Aloha shirt, naturally. A veritable trend by the day, the combination still makes for a great ’80s costume idea.

alt="fashion in 80s and 90s"Cycling shorts

Everyone associates bicycle shorts with the 1980s, but 2018 is bringing them back. However, they are slightly more in line with current fashion trends, as fashion brand YSL opted for lace instead of lycra. However, something can be said in the fact that designers have mostly opted to hide these shorts with other items of clothing, which raises the question- should this trend have been abandoned back in the 80s.

alt="fashion in 80s and 90s"Ripped Jeans

When people were not wearing skintight leggings, they were wearing jeans. But the jeans were all seen on better days. Whether you bought them this way or cut them yourself, every pair of jeans were out of their knees. Grandma hated it.

alt="fashion in 80s and 90s"High waisted Jeans

Were people simply not like belly buttons or had to figure out a way to top their pants without a belt, were in high waisted jeans. Now commonly known as Mother Jeans, these high-rise beauties made a statement. We are not sure what kind of statement has been made, but they have given a statement.

alt="fashion in 80s and 90s"Sperry Top-siders

Although the Sperrys was first launched in the 1930s, they did not have their own moment until the 1980s, when Preppy took over the runway and later the street style. When it came to the 80s fashion trends, the Ivy League style ruled, and so Sperry Top-siders were the only acceptable shoes with your khaki and Shetland sweaters tied around your neck.


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